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    a)  I/We understand that in the future to make payment when an amount becomes due will result in automatic suspension/cancellation of the credit facilities and the account shall become payable in full and further, SAHIBJI TRAVELS & TOURS PVT LTD shall have the right to take any legal action for recovery of its dues, also the live respective travel component will automatically be cancelled and Sahibji Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd will not be rsponsible for any loss.

    b)  SAHIBJI TRAVELS & TOURS PVT LTD is authorized to request the applicant to provide a Deposit or Bank Guarantee in The amount of the credit limit applied for.

    c)  All invoices will be deemed correct unless SAHIBJI TRAVELS & TOURS PVT LTD receive a notification of the errors or disputes within 3 days of presentation of the invoice/s.

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